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R4000     90-120mins

Thanks to the modern technology, the night sky has never been so accessibile.  Whilst looking through a telescope is a beautiful experience, the correct equipment can capture much more detail and colour, producing unbelievable images in minutes.

Our Virtual Stargazing evenings offer you the chance to witness the beauty and majesty of some of the most amazing objects in the southern hemisphere, regardless of your location.

Some of the southern celestial gems invisible to the northern hemisphere include the mighty Carina Nebula, the Fighting Dragons of Ara, The Jewel Box, Omega Centauri and the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy.

Our images are presented live, along with a multimedia presentation and commentary, and are perfect for schools, astronomy clubs, corporate evenings and private events.



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“Ben is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who gave his UK-based audience a fascinating virtual tour of the South African night sky. He tailored his explanations perfectly to match the school curriculum and the audience was thrilled to see the images of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters forming in real-time on the screen”

Richard Whittle, Physics Teacher, Churcher's college, UK

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