night sky safaris      90 mins

Embark on a voyage of discovery as we take you on a journey through the solar system and beyond. 


We travel to you with our high powered laser pointers to navigate you through the constellations and their porminent features, while a simple pair of birding binoculars is sufficent to reveal a multitude of celestial gems such as star clusters and double stars.


Our Night Sky Safaris put particular emphasis on the cultural influences of astronomy as well as the traditional African, Greek and Roman mythologies associated with the constellations.

Celestial Events SA's Professional 10-Inch Meade LX200 GPS Telescope will showcase the Moon and planets in exquisite detail, revealing the Gas Giants in all their glory.  The views of the Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Saturn's delicate ring system are truely sights to behold!  Our telescope will transport you light years through the expanse of space, revealing glowing areas of nebulae, the birth places of stars, and even distant galaxies!

Our Night Sky Safaris are perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about the celestial realm.  Whether you want to learn how to navigate across the constellations or simply find solace in a hectic schedule, a night of star gazing is the perfect way to spend an evening. 

Intimate Moments
Social Distancing under the stars
Private Night Sky Safari
Using our laser pointer to highlight the southern skies
Askari Star Gazing
A crystal clear winter's night with volunteers from Askari
Live 4 Now
Wildlife vet students learning about the stars during their tour of SA
Tomjachu Night Sky Safari Aug 2019
Checking out Jupiter with our 10 inch professional telescope
Meade LX200
Our window to distant worlds
The Moon capturede through a cellphone during a Night Sky Safari
GVI Stars
Another great night in the African bush with GVI Karongwe
Elephant Rock
Owners and friends from Elephant Rock, Nambiti learning about the night sky
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Cel:   +27 (0) 79 575 0900

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