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Sharing Space

“Astronomy…reminds us what it means to be human; what we are connected to, rather than what we are separated from.”

With the world in turmoil in the face of the COVID-19 virus, many people are now restricted to their homes as they seek refuge from the pandemic and engage in ‘self-isolation’. Whilst this new buzzword may worry many, it is important to stay positive and seek new creative and emotional outlets under these difficult times. What better opportunity to take the time to gain some perspective on life and explore the realm of space.

Perhaps now, more than ever, it is the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with….ourselves. Staring at the stars on a moonless night is one of life’s most potent elixirs and the ultimate catalyst of our imagination. Promoting a feeling of wellbeing is paramount at present and the therapeutic nature of stargazing is a great way to clear the mind and refresh the soul.

There is something familiar about looking skyward. It is a soothing feeling to know that in our fast-past, ever-changing world, there are some constants. The tapestry of stars has barely changed since our earliest ancestors gazed at them in wonder, slowing understanding their movement and inferring their influence on our world. Navigation, the predicting of animal movements, festivals and even the concept of ‘time’ have their origins in the celestial realm.

Self-Isolation will be tough for many, but it is a warming thought that, regardless of our age, race, financial or social status, the same sky envelops us all each and every night. Looking at the heavens is a comforting feeling and there is solace to be had in the knowledge that many people are sharing in the same collective experience. We may be isolated from each other, but our consciences have never been more aligned.

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