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astronomy training

Introductory Training        1 day

FGASA Advanced On-Site Lodge Training    4 or 5 days

Please note that we can design bespoke training on request

The lack of light pollution of most South African game reserves offer a unique opportunity for safari lodges and their field guides to showcase the African night sky to guests. A safari holiday has always been about escapism and what better way to achieve this than to explore the great tapestry of stars whilst listening to the distant whoop of a hyaena or the haunting trill of the African Scops Owl. 


A star gazing element is the perfect activity to include on any night drive and is the perfect way for guides to discuss some of the enchanting cultural stories associated with the constellations.

Celestial Events SA offers a variety of training options for safari lodges, field guides and private individuals.  The training has been designed with the field guide in mind is packed full of cultural, ecological and scientific 'power facts' to share with guests. 

Celestial Events SA is a registered Training Provider for the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa and is the author of FGASA's new Advanced Astronomy Qualification.  

Our FGASA training is based on the required syllabus and includes a series of lectures and practical sessions, workbook workshops and constellation charts. All the equipment needed for the qualification can be provided: Manual, Workbook, Special Exam Sitting, On-Site Marking and Practical Assessment.

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